When One Needs Custom Iron Doors, Consider These 4 Things First

Congratulations! If one has been considering adding an iron door to one’s home’s entrance, one is about to join the many thousands of homeowners who have found it to be one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Wrought iron ornamentation offers a significant decorative element to one’s property. Even better, the iron door should survive significantly longer than wood doors. Wrought custom iron doors have traditionally been an attractive and wealthy gentry. What better way to make a statement than with a magnificent handcrafted wrought iron door? Here are a few pointers to consider during the hiring process.

Things One Must Do Before Hiring A Custom Iron Contractor:

#1: Ensure that the door is zinc metalized and painted rather than powder coated.

Powder coating is ideal for furniture and small decorative objects that can be quickly taken to a powder coating shop and restored if it deteriorates. Powder coating deteriorates over time by discoloration/fading, and eventually, the topcoat layer shrinks and fractures, exposing bare metal and causing corrosion from the inside.

The fundamental issue is that powder-coated objects cannot be painted over, and the baked-on finish, a thin plastic-like layer, will not accept paint. This is simple to fix if it is a chair or a table by sending it out for re-treatment, but it is more difficult to treat if it is a heavy multi-layer front door with glass and significant structural linkages to the walls and the floor.

The upkeep on a Zinc Metalized coating and finish paints is minimal. When another layer of paint is needed, one can hire a painter to repaint the front door, typically lasting 10-15 years (depending on weathering conditions).

#2: Look for a company that specializes in wrought iron.

Many businesses have begun to resell custom iron doors as a table or some outdoor furniture. Most of them have no experience with wrought iron and end up with the business by becoming a reseller or a middleman between one and the producer. Baltic Iron Doors is the manufacturer.

#3: Look for a company that provides installation services.

There is frequently a lot to learn from the installation process, which is then fed back into the design and manufacture process to ensure proper and easy installation. Although a company may not install in one location, their items are more likely to go through if the installation proceeded smoothly if they offer installation. They are also less likely to have items missing or not fitting due to the simple fact that they must install them themselves regularly.

#4: Conduct extensive research.

There is a wealth of information available online to assist one in understanding the goods and hearing from other homeowners about their experiences with various firms. Call us, and we’ll educate one and assist one better comprehending our custom iron doors, and we’re confident that it will aid one research.


It’s a great idea to get a custom door for one home. Whether one is going to use it at the front entrance or inside one’s garage, a custom door is something that one can use to make one’s house appear more distinct and appealing.

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