Virtual Agm Singapore, Conduct Your Meeting Without Interruptions

Temporary measures amendment passed on September 4 extended the time frame of Virtual AGM Singapore till June 30, 2021.

Secure the Meetings

The pandemic has made it essential to shift to other methods to conduct meetings of shareholders, companies, and Society. The modern technology that is available today permits the use of video conferencing without any interruptions. You can also stream the meetings live with the members of the board.

Get good hardware and software for this purpose. Virtual meetings can be made secure by following certain parameters that restrict free entry. All the members have to pre-register to gain access to the online portal. Share the login details only among the people who are supposed to attend the meeting by setting an id and a password.

Virtual Streaming

avoid all the outside interferences in this way. Keep the meeting uninterrupted with a strong internet connection. It is the basic prerequisite for a successful meeting. Take attendance in record before conducting AGM Singapore. You can stop the entry of an unidentified person who is not a part of the shareholders in this way. The attendance is recorded through an electronic validation so, any mistakes can be negated. This interactive solution gives a lot of possibilities.

People can send in their questions or give votes through text. Conduct it in the form of webinars, talk shows, etc. Conduct live stream through a single camera connected to multiple systems in HD quality for good results. A lot of companies provide live streaming, podcast, or video production. So, to set video streaming, anyone can avail their services.

Sum up

Even though a lot of relaxation has come up, which enables physical meetings, companies still prefer to conduct meetings through virtual AGM Singapore. They prevent transmission of the virus through this method.


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