Two Means of Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags frequently resemble a clump of skin tissue protruding from a little stem. They might be deeper in color and resemble a raised mole. Skin tags are little, velvety skin tags that protrude from a slender stem. They mostly appear on the neck, armpits ad body folds. They are completely safe.

 In most cases, people find skin tags unpleasant to look at especially if it is situated on their faces or in other words they want to get rid of their skin tags for cosmetic reasons. Apparently, in our modern world there are already solutions to problems such as skin tags and it can be done with the aid of a dermatologist or yourself.

How is a skin tag removal done by dermatologists?

  • It’s being cut off. Dermatologists use a scalpel or surgical scissors to remove skin tags. Some moles can be shaved down to the skin’s surface. Doctors may need to make a deeper cut to remove the entirety of the skin tag which means including its deepest cells to prevent it from growing again.In this case, stitches may be required.
  • Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze it. The doctor will spray or swab a small amount of super-cold liquid nitrogen onto the skin tag. A small blister might form where the mole or skin tag originally was, but it will heal on its own.
  • It’s being burned off. In order to burn away the top layers of the skin, an electric current is passed through a heated wire. To remove a mole, you may need more than one treatment. Burning through the little stem that links skin tags to the skin removes them. The heat aids in the prevention of bleeding.

What to use in skin tag removal at your own at home?

  • Bands and Patches

Skin removal band can cut off blood flow. Through that, the cells die because there will be no supply of blood, and the tag will be removed. Removal patches contain medication that can help remove skin tags.It may come off if thepatch is left on it for a couple of days or weeks.

  • Removal Creams

Removal creams can be an effective alternative to get rid of skin tags. You just have to wipe your skin with alcohol before applying the cream so as to make sure that it will be absorbed by the skin. It is expected to peel off after 2-3 weeks.

  • You can use tea tree oil. It may help remove skin tags that is according to the anecdotal evidence.You just have to put few drops of tea tree oil onto a cotton ball and wrap it around the skin tag making sure that it is in place through the aid of bandage. You may apply it three times a day for ten minutes.Nonetheless, you must also be careful of using tea tree oil as it may irritate your skin.

In conclusion, you must consider the place where skin tag is located before having it removed so that you will know who’s more convenient to remove it.

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