The Various Sauces You Can Have On Your Burger

With summer being here, it is a popular time for many people to have barbecues, and one of the favourite foods that people cook is burgers. You can get burgers from the local supermarket or your local butcher, or you can make them yourself, and you will also need to ensure you have plenty of sauces for your guest to keep them happy. Below are some options you should ensure are available when having a barbecue and cooking burgers to help ensure everyone is 100% satisfied.

Sriracha Sauce

One condiment you will want to ensure you have available for your barbecue is Sriracha hot chilli sauce. It is a firm favourite among people who love a bit of spice on their burger, but it is not too strong or overpowering. Mixed with other sauces such as mayonnaise, it can make for a delicious tasting burger that will win your seal of approval.


Another sauce you will need to ensure you have plenty of available to satisfy everyone is ketchup, the tomato-based sauce popular with billions worldwide. It has a satisfyingly sweet taste that many people love and is certainly a favourite among the kids. Make sure you have tomato sauce, commonly called ketchup, at your next barbecue, and you can help to keep all your guests happy.

Hot Dog Mustard

Hot dog mustard is an American version of mustard that is not as spicy as many of the different European brands. It is also a common condiment to put on burgers, and it adds a bit of zing to your burger and goes well with ketchup ad mayonnaise. Have some of this delicious yellow sauce around on your barbecue, and you can help make your burgers taste better than MacDonalds.


Mayonnaise is another condiment that no barbecue is complete without, and you can make mayonnaise yourself or buy some from your local shop. It adds a rich and creamy taste to your foods and is perfect for burgers, salad, and many other foods typically found at a barbecue. If you do not have mayonnaise at your barbecue, you could face a riot as your guests get upset you are not providing the stapes of a barbecue.

BBQ Sauce

Another condiment you will need to ensure you have for your barbecue is BBQ sauce, a sweet and sticky sauce that is perfect for barbecued meats, such as ribs. It can help make your grilled food taste even more delicious and is ideal for marinating meats.