Planning A Gluten Free Barbecue For Friends

When people in your friendship circle are gluten intolerant, and you are planning a barbecue, you will need to plan your menu accordingly. You can get Sriracha gluten-free to add some spicy taste to your food, and the excellent news is that meat does not contain gluten, and you can get a wide selection. Below are some tips to help prepare a fantastic barbecue for you and your friends and ensure your gluten intolerant friends are well catered for at the event.

Include Plenty Of Meat & Seafood

As there is no gluten in meat or fish, you can have as much of this at your barbecue as you want, and it will not affect the gluten intolerant people. However, the one thing that you will need to be careful of is the marinades and sauces you use on the meats and seafood. You can often find that some shop-bought sauces and marinades contain things such as cereals which contain gluten, so you will need to avoid using these. However, that does not mean you have to have plain and bland food, as you can easily make sauces and marinades yourself at home.

Select The Best Condiments

Many condiments you can get, which you would expect to see at a barbecue, are gluten-free, but you will want to double-check the ingredients before serving them at your event. There are lots of things you may want to have available for your guests, including:

  • Ketchup
  • Barbecue Sauce
  • Mustard
  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tabasco Sauce

Ensure you have a wide selection of suitable condiments available, and you can ensure everyone enjoys the food immensely at your barbecue. Many options are available, and they can help add a punch to the food to enhance its flavour and ensure it tastes delicious.

Do Not Forget The Salad

When you have a typical salad that is all fruit and vegetables without anything else, there is no gluten in it. However, many people will do things such as pasta salad and salad with croutons at a barbecue, which are not suitable for gluten intolerant people. You can still have foods like this at your barbecue, but you will need to ensure you let everyone know, so they know which foods are safe to eat if they are gluten intolerant. With some planning, creativity, and cooking skills, you can have an excellent barbecue with lots of delicious food suitable for everyone who decides to attend your barbecue.