A Checklist To Follow While Shipping Your Car Across Country

An idea of a cross-country road trip might excite some of you, but it takes a toll on condition of your car. From shifting homes to going to college, there can be a number of reasons to travel such a long distance. Most people find this process stressing and complicated. However, it doesn’t have to be so with the right shipping company.

At Ship a Car, Inc. we aim at providing shipping services for relocating your vehicle, moving businesses or even transporting some equipment. Their teams of experts are experienced to assist your transportation needs by taking care of the logistics while letting you have peace of mind. They are just a call away! Or get in touch with us at our business location in Wyoming.

Find below a checklist for your reference while contemplating to move your car across country:

  1. Research some shipping companies before choosing one
  2. Getting quotations from various shipping vendors
  3. Setting a date for the move
  4. Check with the insurance company
  5. Check the tires, battery and emergency brakes of your car
  6. Clean your car
  7. Visual overall inspection of the car
  8. Inspect the engine and look at the underside of your car
  9. Get the tank filled
  10. Car exterior- remove what you can
  11. Car exterior- secure already fixed components
  12. Car interior- remove personal belongings
  13. Convertible car- fasten the top
  14. Make sure to remove or disable any alarms
  15. Keep the extra fob or keys handy
  16. Note down the readings on the odometer
  17. Bid your car goodbye
  18. Track your car during the transit
  19. On delivery carry out an inspection
  20. Don’t forget to get your insurance updated
  21. Visit the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)

Apart from the matters mentioned above, keep in mind the following issues too:

  • Know that the cost of transportation might vary from place to place. It will depend on the embarking location as well as the destination.  Moving from one big town/ city to another might cost you less than compared with moving among small towns/ cities. This could be because the former can be a routine route for the driver/ company.
  • The cost will also depend on the demand of the driver making the move and his preference.
  • The size of the vehicle will also determine the cost you’d have to incur for the move.  Smaller the vehicle, lesser the cost!
  • In order to get the right quotation, make sure you provide the vendor with the correct information.
  • Also, for safety reasons, you can take a few pictures of the exterior and the interior of your car before sending for transportation.
  • On delivery, keep the payment ready, in case not paid already. Also, inspect your car comparing the pics taken earlier.

Getting your car moved isn’t an easy job. So, do yourself a favor and get yourself an efficient shipping company to handle all your hassles, However, make sure it’s done within your budget!

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