6 good reasons for using a divorce lawyer

There is nothing more beautiful in life than finding someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Those initial early stages of the relationship and the fun of new lovers is followed up by getting to know each other properly.

In lots of cases the relationship blossoms and leads to marriage, with kids often coming along to bolster the family. It is therefore awful for all involved if after all the hard work and emotion that the interconnection between the two adults has irretrievably broken down. It is then time to consult the best divorce lawyers Adelaide can provide for 6 good reasons.

  1. The lawyers will understand the divorce laws in Australia inside out. It’s a devastating time without falling foul of the legalities if trying to cut corners and sort the sorry mess out without speaking to an expert.
  2. Married couples will be advised that they need to have been separated for at least 12 months before either can file for divorce with the law stating that there is no likelihood of them getting back together.
  3. The court granting the divorce needs to be satisfied that this is the case as in the above, which is where a divorce lawyer representing whoever puts the proceedings forward, is invaluable in being able present the evidence.
  4. Financial settlements are extremely tricky, especially where the breakdown has been acrimonious. This even more valid where property is involved and needs to be sold to split the profits from the sale or one of the partners wishes to buy the other out.
  5. There may also be assets, such as bank accounts, vehicles or collectables to be distributed fairly or sold off. Again, an expert arbitrator in the form of a divorce lawyer is the best compromise.
  6. When children are involved, the proceedings can become even more complicated, and emotionally charged. Access needs to be agreed through the mediation of a lawyer if an agreeable compromise cannot be reached. Relocation may come into the equation which adds to the complication which is very difficult for two persons with vested interests and quite possibly vengeance to sort out without the aid of a legal professional.

A divorce lawyer has the experience and expertise to help a couple without those skills, who are about to permanently split, to find the best solutions from a difficult and often devastating situation.

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